the sloppy duck

I get scared that all the little thoughts and memories and tidbits that make me smile and laugh will be forgotten, and nobody will ever know about them. So I'll put them here. And maybe others can pretend like they get it.

Anyone in the central Florida area....

and needs a photographer, go to this website. he’s awesome at what he does. he can shoot your wedding, engagement photos, commercial photography, underwater film photographer, family portraits, school yearbook photos, slideshows…you name it, he’ll do it.

got fresh out of college and followed his passion and opened his own business. it was ballsy and awesome. but… TIMES IS TOUGH. and it’s tough getting business. so i reach out to anyone sitting on the internet with a few extra bucks that’d be interested in some sick photos or post production work.

check out his portfolio. look at his work. give him a call or an e-mail. help a small business get on its feet…you won’t be disappointed with his work.

and ps… a few reblogs wouldn’t be bad either :) just trying to get the name out there.

  • 8 July 2012