the sloppy duck

I get scared that all the little thoughts and memories and tidbits that make me smile and laugh will be forgotten, and nobody will ever know about them. So I'll put them here. And maybe others can pretend like they get it.

“There are seconds— they come five or six at a time— when you suddenly feel the presence of the eternal harmony perfectly attained. It’s something not earthly— I don’t mean in the sense that it’s heavenly— but in that sense that man cannot endure it in his earthly aspect. He must be physically changed or die. This feeling is clear and unmistakable. It’s as though you apprehend all nature and suddenly say, “Yes, that’s right.” God, when He created the world, said at the end of each day of creation, “Yes, it’s right, it’s good.” It…it’s not being deeply moved, but simply joy. You don’t forgive anything because there is no more need of forgiveness. It’s not that you love— oh there’s something in it higher than love— what’s most awful is that it’s terribly clear and such joy. If it lasted more than five seconds, the soul could not endure it and must perish. In those five seconds, I live through a lifetim, and I’d give my whole life for them, because they are worth it.”

—   The Possessed - Fyodor Dostoevsky
  • 23 August 2012
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